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We specialise in Relaxation, Mindfulness and Personal Development to help you work smarter and happier.  We support you to discover and leverage your strengths and to remain consistently resilient under pressure.

We have direct experience of working in Public and Private Sectors, frontline working and Management and know how it feels to be expected to perform at your best, to work under pressure or under the public spotlight.   To help you successfully navigate stressful environments, stay well and make the best decisions we use Mindfulness based training to generate self-awareness, insight and responsiveness to challenges and difficulties.  Success comes naturally from having the right foundation.


Our solutions are based on direct experience with facilitators who have all successfully navigated difficult environments and can support you through your learning experience.



All our courses emphasise knowledge into action.  We help you to understand and apply what you have learnt.   We also recognise that you are busy and need techniques that will help you achieve results quickly and consistently.



Learn how the 4 Domains;  Growth, Resilience, Connection and Care create a strong foundation for Success.    Discover how to get ahead, discover more about yourself and turn obstacles into advantages.



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