Think you’re on your own if you head off to find a quiet space to meditate? Think again! Meditation and reflection are some of the key tools of highly successful people, some of whom credit their success to having the opportunity to gain perspective, manage reactions and think differently.

Self-development, investment in knowledge and increasing your skills is time well spent. This course helps you to understand a range of techniques including Mindfulness that will help you work positively and proactively with your mind. And you are not alone in turning to meditation for strategies that can help you personally and professionally.

Mindfulness is a practice that is ‘life long’, however, we aim to get you well on the pathway of practice and understanding, bringing you up to speed quickly.

We provide you with a key set of practices that you can implement straight away to;

    • Help to reduce mental and emotional stress of working in a busy environment.
    • Contribute towards self-insight and self-management.
    • Improve performance, collaboration and problem solving.

Training for Organisations and Individuals, in person and online.

We provide 2 main courses to provide a foundation in Mindfulness and surrounding practices.

*Relaxation & Mindfulness Foundation* – a straightforward course which introduces you to techniques, contains guided practices, instructions and explanation.  Suitable for anyone seeking greater relaxation and control over stress in their lives.  Simple to follow and apply.

*Mindfulness for Leaders*  a course designed for those managing or leading others, working in complex or stressful environments.  We not only introduce you to carefully chosen techniques but also start to make the links between practice, self-insight and personal development.   We encourage practice to increase resilience and balance.

Course background – Our courses are rooted in the Ancient tradition of Yoga – not just the stretches more commonly known today – but Yoga of the mind which encourages relaxation practices, healthy breathing, Mindfulness and Concentration.

We also place emphasis on relaxation first to promote balance and as recommended preparation for Mindfulness and Meditation.

Interested in training or want to know more?

There are 2 different ways to work with us;

  • In person – training for organisations or attend one of our own retreats or independent courses and workshops.
  • Online – here you can train at your own pace, in your own home or location of your choice.

Why not take a look at our Online Academy:  https://work-happy.thinkific.com

Need a bespoke course for your organisation?  We work with you to deliver a course that is just the right fit for your needs.